Support Our Centennial

We’ve pulled out all the stops to plan a once-in-a century celebration weekend for our brotherhood. At the same time, we’ve set artificially low alumni-ticket prices to help make attendance feasible for as many alumni as possible, and we’re underwriting most of the cost for each undergraduate and his date to attend the Anniversary Party. Even if we sell out each event, ticket revenue will cover less than half of the weekend’s cost. We’ll have to make up about $60,000.

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Please consider a generous gift to help make this weekend truly memorable.

Bronze Sponsor


The Mallards – The most familiar ducks, looking out for the brood. Your generosity helps to underwrite undergraduate attendance at the Centennial Bash.

Photo: Targn Pleiades/Shutterstock

Silver Sponsor

The Silver Teals – Social ducks, willing to mix flocks. Your generosity helps lower prices so more brothers, especially young alumni, can celebrate with us.

Photo: TinyFishy/Flickr

Gold Sponsor

The Goldeneyes – Aggressive ducks. Your generosity ensures this weekend features the proper touches a centennial deserves.

Photo: Acravan Blog

Platinum Sponsor

The Harlequins – Distinct, charismatic ducks. Your generosity will make an unmistakable mark on this historic occasion.


Diamond Sponsor

The King Eiders – Regal and elusive ducks. Your exceptional generosity will ensure this once-in-a-lifetime celebration stands out in chapter history.

Photo: Alan Wilson/Birdzilla

In the chart below, you can choose one of five sponsorship levels and, by clicking the “Buy Now with PayPal” button, you will be re-directed to our PayPal portal to complete the transaction. PayPal will send you email confirmation of your gift.

Once you’ve made your donation, we’ll add your name to the Centennial Sponsors list on this site, the Chapter website, and in the Centennial program. Diamond sponsors and above will receive special recognition.

Bronze Sponsor100.00 USDThe Mallard
Silver Sponsor250.00 USDThe Silver Teal
Gold Sponsor500.00 USDThe Goldeneye
Platinum Sponsor1000.00 USDThe Harlequin
Diamond Sponsor2022.00 USDThe King Eider
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Centennial Sponsors

This list is updated manually every couple of days.

Bronze Sponsors

  • Rick Simons ’75
  • Matt Ackley ’93
  • Ryan Hoak ’15

Silver Sponsors

  • Lew “Cozuth” Dabney ’87
  • Ben Brunjes ’03
  • Paul Hodskins ’12

Gold Sponsors

  • Alan Stocker ’79
  • Allen Urban ’80
  • Chuck Napier ’81
  • Greg Blevins ’85

Platinum Sponsors

  • Evans Mullan ’81
  • Dan Komitor ’83
  • Mark Machen ’85
  • Phil Cox ’96

Diamond Sponsors and Above

  • Murray Schimm ’77
  • Dave Hollopeter ’79
  • Jay Hoover ’81
  • Tommy Everett ’83
  • Mike Smith ’83
  • Bob Stoufer ’83
  • John Byrnes ’07